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Hi Guys,

Most of the time when I swith the autopilot button on I can then click the necessary buttons to set heading and rate of climb etc. Sometimes though, The other lights won't go on when I press them and the plane starts doing dangerous things. If I keep trying and switching autopilot on and off, eventually it will work.

Does anyone know how to stop this happening? I have looked for an answer in the manual. I am using only autopilot and not the FMC.



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You seem to be asking a lot of questions, try reading the manual a few times, or going to the PMDG forums, very helpful people there.

Your buying very advance planes. Just like the real thing, and just like the real things you don't just jump in and fly. I know its hard not to but I've been where you've been. But after doing tutorial flights and reading the manuals I learned my way though it without having to have others walk me through everything step by step.

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Oh, pardon me! I thought helping people with such things was one of the purposes of this forum.

One thing that has helped me a lot has been reading other peoples questions and answers, especially when I start to think of what the answer would be myself, and then compare it to what others say.

Frankly, I am finding your put down answers are taking the fun out of using this forum for me. If others confirm to me that questions on aspects of how to fly specific planes are not welcome, then I will cease to post such questions.

I found it very useful to be able to post and receive a quick answer to a question I could not find a solution to in the manual. I looked forward to the not too distant day when I could help others in such a way.

Believe it or not, different people have different learning styles. Everyone may not have the same learning style as you. If the best stlyle of learning was reading a manual on a subject ,whether you understand the answer as it is provided in that manual / textbook or not, then we could make all our teachers redundant and slash out tax rates because once kids could read, there would be no need for teachers. They wouldn't need to burden the poor teacher with questions, they could just read the manual.

I am sure if people find it burdensome to see a question on a forum then they can choose not to answer it.

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Yes, it is one of the purposes of this forum and yes, the manual should be read before asking every question under the sun which can be found simply in the downloadable manual - you haven't done that (asked every question under the sun) so I'd be willing to help. The only problem being, I don't know the answer

I don't fly the PMDG products very often so wouldn't really know, but I think it is a problem which arises from a lack of knowledge of the aircraft as I had a similar problem when I attempted to fly it. You're likely to get the quickest and most accurate answer on their forums, so I'd suggest you ask there.


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My suggestion would be to try one or two tutorial flights - some of them are very detailed and step by step. Some can be downloaded at Another suggestion - so we may be able to better help you - is to try and be specific. What other buttons are you pushing? What's the plane doing at the time? Climbing? What altitude? Speed? Which NAV mode(s) is active? Is autothrottle on? Etc.

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