I would like to thoroughly recommend this aircraft if you are up for nearly the real thing! It is fantastic, everything is so realistic..from the overhead to the FMC and the main panel itself as well as the sounds. This aircraft is not for people who have just bought FS and dont really know the basics of flying because this aircraft needs patience and determination. If you know FS 'inside out' like VOR, NDB, ILS approaches. sid/star, the FMC, the MCP how to start and shut down the plane etc this is the plane for you.

I have just completed a flight from Bristol (uk) to Amsterdam at FL250, it was great. Starting the aircraft from a 'cold scenario' to landing the plane ILS runway 6l via stars is a great feeling. Hitting the center of the runway is fantastic, the sounds are great, the plane handles well and the autopilot is great. A pilot quoted that this plane is 8-10 for realism with the only difference is that you cant actually feel the plane but everything else with it is bang on. If you dont have this product and know how to fly properly then go for it. I wouldnt recommend it for people who have just started FS as its very complicated.

I almost got in a sweat landing a minute ago..following the star you programmed and lowering the alt on the MCP in staged, setting up the ILS code and reducing throttles etc..flaps and gear before touching down...phew!! 🙂

Here is last nights landing in Granada spain:

And in the last image, flown manually..just for a feel of the plane 😛 😛

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get the pmdg 747 it is very hard to get to the cruising alt and maintaining fuel and speed but my favorite 🙂

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