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One thing I've noticed watching reconstructions of air incidents is how my audio warnings are the same as the real thing. Stuff like whoop whopp pull up and the ear piercing overspeed siren. I'm hearing the same sounds as crews where it was the last thing they heard. Its disturbing but also respectfully poignant. Do audio warning styles change among manufactures or is there an industry standard?

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Karlw Captain

Im not really sure becuase I was once flying on an a320 i was in the very first seat and i heard the little rin of the autopilot being disangaged same as the defualt planes in flight sim but i really dont thinks so

hope that helps 🙂

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There are small differences in the warning sounds of different aircraft manufactures. I was a passenger in a Fronter A318 yesterday and noticed that when the gear came up, there was a tone in the cabin. That doesn't happen in most aircraft. The GPWS warnings seem to be the same. The altitude alerter tone and the autopilot disconnect are similar, they may be in a different key(C cord or F cord) from other manufactures. 🙂

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