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I have been reading a lot on FS Passengers lately and I finally think I want to get it. I have one question though. When I went to the site, there was the option to download it for free or buy it. I'm assuming that most people just downloaded it free but I'm not sure. If I download that is it any good because if it's free it doesn't seem like it would have all the features that people buy it for? Am I wrong?

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Im not sure about the free demo,but I think you can only fly out of one airport

FSP is one of the best adds you can buy 👍

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Yes TTT, you are right - the demo version of FS Passengers only allows you to use use its FULL features within a certain range of Seattle - Tacoma - I think thats the airport... 🙄

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Hi, I too am just about to download the demo version. From what I can tell the demo gives you all the facilities as the full package except you are restricted to taking off from a certain airport but you can land anywhere. I would think there are some other feaatures you don't get in the demo to encourage upgrading such as the facility to upload flights to a virtual airline if you're part of one. I've been looking through the flight records on FSPassengers and the ones that were graded horrible are quite entertaining. Reading through them also give you an idea on what your flight is judged on and other do's and dont's.

Dont add full throttle while the brakes are on - CHECK

Dont serve meals just before descent - CHECK


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Dont serve meals just before descent - CHECK

Just serve them drinks on short haul,you save money and the pax get happy(not too happy though Yucky )

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