my 2004 is starting to crash on me

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Sup peeps.....

i seem to be getting a problem that has just started comeing around...

sometimes ill be playing 2004 and the program closes out on me and takes me back to windows. this just started happening not to long ago.

can downloading planes make the game crash like that becasue that has been the only thing i have done.

is there a patch for 2004?

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No patch, this is a MS product, MS means Missing Support. ROFL

Uninstall all that you have put into the sim, something doesn't work with 2004.
Try to keep away from 2002 downloads and "overwriting" gauges when you install them separately.

Something can be running in the background and when it starts up, you crash.
An anti virus auto update, diskeeper, icq many programs.
Try rebooting and see if you last longer. If you hear the h/d grinding just before you crash, then it's a program.
Good luck.


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Umm... It could be scenery, is it crashing in the same area?
Have you added any ? If you have try removing it

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Yeah, does it crash to desktop (CTD) in specific areas, if so which ones - I may be able to help. 🙂

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hmmm well it dont seem to be crashing anymore...hopefuly it was a plane i added because i had removed some..... but when it did took me to the desk top... ill play around with it more and see if it crashs again..thanks for the info

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