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Why does my ils keep beeping at me?

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Hello guys, new thread sorry for not reviving me old one but thought a new one was appropiate.

So, I'm an ok flyer now in me old 737. I've read the stickie about ils, i set the little nav1 reading to it, select it...and...beep beep beep. It just beeps every few minutes.

And I can't use the damn thing. Whenever I land, my pink lines are all messed up, and if I follow the pink lines before landing they send me in some other direction. Not getting me to ever turn, or making me fly parrell to the runway 😕 I did try Ron the flight instructor but he kept telling me I was distracted... Evil or Very Mad

Oh yeah and meant to ask last time 🙂 How do i know which runways which, when atc say for example runway 6l, looked in my kneeboard but couldn't find owt.

Thanks 🙂

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The beeping sound your here is the audio Identifier for the ILS. Turn off the NAV 1 switch on the audio control panel and it will stop(yes, the NAV 1 will still work). The Marker beacon audio switch will also cause beeping as you fly over the Outer, Middle and inner marker, if part of the approach with the MKR switch on. Any of the audio panel switches in the on(illuminated) position will beep within range of the selected navaid with the correct frequency dialed in.

Runways are labeled by their magnetic direction rounded to the nearest 10 degrees.

Runway 3=030 degrees
--------18= 180
--------24= 240
--------33= 330

The addition of L, R, C means parallel runways:

33L =Runway 33 Left
27C= 27 Center
18R= 18 Right
Airport diagrams help also:


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