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I know that this is probably a very silly question but...would i be right in thinking that most downloadable have no virtual cockit (i.e. when you look around using num keys you just see the sky-no panels or anything).
If i am right does anyone know where i can get any of nthe following aircraft with virtual cockpit (FS9):

British airways:
Airbus (any)

Virgin Atlantic:

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Yes, you're right - some commercial and free add-ons do come without the Virtual cickpit view.

The new 737 NG add-on comes with probably the best virtual cockpit that we've seen yet on FS2004. It's £19 from the net, or £24 in PC World or other retail outlets (sorry for quoting UK Pounds if you're not from the UK!).

As for the Airbus, I have the A319 and A320 from the "Commuter Airliners" add-on and guess what...... it doesn't have a virtual cockpit.

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yer thanks a lot

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