FSX = New PC

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Has anyone else turned all the slidders up to max,I have Crying or Very sad

Well ive been planning a new PC for some time,this seals it.If I want FSX,I need a new PC(but we knew that didnt we?)

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I have all sliders maxed and the ground textures still look blurry, with good performance Dont Know

I was under the impression that if you max out sliders, then you get a good looking sim with Censored performance. Unsure

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Same as 99jolegg, the scenery looks fair but I don't get the "slide show" that I thought I would.

As soon as I get FSX I uninstall all of FS9 and go with it until a new machine with Vista is in the house.
I'll load aircraft but not scenery.

New computer where are you??? Hack


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CRJCapt Chief Captain

New PC+Vista+FSX= 😀

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

CRJCapt wrote:

New PC+Vista+FSX= 😀


New PC+Vista+FSX= Group Wave

Hawk_345 Guest

I wont need a new PC just have to get Windos Vista, thats all. I also have seetings maxed on the demo and scenery is not good, but aircraft are, it has something to do with the new Direct X 10 wich is coming with windos vista.

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Since my Dell Dimension 3000 with a P4 2.8GHz and 512MB RAM (128MB shared with on board Intel GFX chip), I didn't think maxing all of them out would have been a good idea, so I moved all of them to one notch less than max.

Surprisingly, it worked. FPS was a bit low, but even theugh the rate was 12 FPS, it didn't look as bad as that number would look on FS9. The trees, buildings, clouds, water and aircraft looked good, though I did get the dark windshield on the CRJ and DHC. Ground textures at low altitude still left something to be desired.

Over all, I was surprised that it would run on my machine. That said, it used almost 200MB more RAM than my FS9 with all its addons.

BashDaBish Guest

Please read post https://forum.flyawaysimulation.com/forum/topic/19199/ms-devs-blog-post/

I know there is a lot to read but it is mentioned that the 'optomizations' are not present in the demo release. This means that the demo does not take advantage of all the features of most modern graphics cards.

General rule of thumb is........if you can get fs9 to look good and maintain decent FPS with your current setup then hold fire. You can decide on a new machine when FSX is released.

BashDaBish Guest

Sorry, I meant to say please read the link provided in the above post

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KenTel First Officer

Just downloaded tonight, had a quick play, and very surprised, much better than I expected. I do have a good setup, but with some tuning can probably get better results with the final fsX release. Was running with high settings at over 50fps, with an odd lurch at times down to 43fps, but overall looks good, I'm looking forward to getting into it more sometime tomorrow if time allows.

Off to bed now, 0221 hrs here.

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