Flame Warriors

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Faucett First Officer

Some of you have probably seen this - its takes a while to go through
them all, but its freaking hilarious!



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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

Very funny Faucett 😂

...how long until we each decide who represents who 😕


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Faucett First Officer

That wasn't really my intention, of course, as there are very few
"flame warriors" on this site. 🙂


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Germán Campopiano (Oberkomando) Captain

Great stuff. 🙂 It is funny..

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I'll say I'm most likely Jekyll and Hyde. That's really cool, thanks for the link!

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

I don't look anything like the Netiquette Nazi. ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

Thats some funny stuff

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