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Just out of curiosity, can someone tell me what should my take off verical speed be having in mind that I use the autopilot right after I get airborn? I set it on +3000 fpm. Also I could really use what should be the VS setting when doing an initial decent? I use between -1500 to -1800 fpm. Is thatt too much?

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If you are flying a jet, then 3000fpm is a good climb speed initially - maybe slightly less in a bigger jet. 1500-1800fpm is a good speed for descent.


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I think that after take off your speed is the most important to monitor and your VS can be what it is. ie, if your speed is within the right perameters your VS is correct whatever it is. I think 2000 - 3000ftm is about right depending on the aircraft and its power.

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In a B-734:

Sea Level - FL140: 3200 fpm

FL140 - FL305: 2500 fpm

FL305+: 1600 fpm

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Thanks alot guys!

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