new ch yoke. Prop and Mixture questions.

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I just got the ch products yoke with the three levers for throttle, propeller, and mixture and I can't figure out how to program the prop and mixture levers. I got the software off the cd that supposedly lets you do it but I can't figure out how. What axis are the levers? Does anyone have this yoke that could tell me how to use it? Thanks

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I use a MS joystick so I don't know too much about CH except that they are very good products.

See if this helps.

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I am SO envious. Drool If you can't figure it out, send it to me and I'll see if I can make it work. 😉

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First thank to RadarMan for the new Link address.
I do have the same yoke and it works like a "dream". But with the current driver (the old) there is no way to change the functions off those levers. Yes you can calibrate them (and have to calibrate them) but not to change them. They are functioning like they should on the flight sim and have to set them you have among other places by hitting f-10.

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