CH USB Flight Sim Yoke limited prop range issue

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I recently bought a CH Products USB Yoke, and it's a very nice, precision
yoke. However, I noticed that I don't have the full range of the propeller
axis when comparing to the throttle quadrant in an aircraft.

First, I have configured the yoke precisely with control manager 3.6 and all controls have their full range according to the program. When I fly the
beechcraft baron, throttle and mixture utilize their full ranges, but the
propeller axis range on the yoke reflects from 25-75% range. Anybody know why this happens? When this happens, I can use the mouse to push the prop further forward and back, so full input is not being received from the yoke for some reason.

I have Windows XP Professional and am using MS Simulator 2004.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

I think this is what you do:
Go to-
CH Products Yoke
and find the bar that says Null Zone in the Propeller section. Move that bar so it is the same as the throttle.

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mpiluso Trainee

Ok, the throttle, mixture, and prop null zones were all equivalent, but the sensitivity on the prop was much lower than the other two. I raised that and I have more control over the prop now.

Thanks for the tips.

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