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Hi guys, just wondering on my sons computer he is running FS2004 and he is experiencing some weird things such as using squawkbox or any other dialog based module, what happens is when say for instance we use squawkbox and the dialog appears in the sim anything under the dialog disappears or the background goes black, if we move it up the screen disappears and when we move it down the screen reappears. My sons computer spec's are 2.6 amd athon, 2 gigs memory ram running a nvidia 128 mb FX 5500 video card and a 350 gig hd. Please see screen shots below, any suggestions are welcomed, thanks for your time.

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Try different drivers or better yet, a new card that will give him better FPS and a nicer look to the sim.


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I'm guessing it's a Squawkbox issue. You could try a re-install or an older version. Check this out ➡

Some interesting topics on that page.

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