Beechcraft 350 reverse ?

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Hi all great site GREAT sim I love to fly the beechcraft 350 however Im at a loss as to how to apply reverse thrust on Landing at the moment I approach as normal , then land , press pause then move the throttles to reverse, then un pause and its done but its not realistic is there any engine command that enables me to do it in real time? I looked up the engine commands menu and seems its not possible any advise would be most welcome.

Best regards David

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

What I normally do is press F1 to idle my throttles from whatever setting they were on, on approach, and then press and hold F2 until full reverse thrust is initiated. 😉

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violentviolet First Officer

Land,press F2,done. 😉

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lkw First Officer

After you have them in reverse F1 to return to idle.

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spitfiresrule First Officer

Yeah at about 60 IAS go out of reverse thrust at that low speed you could damage your props @ least in real life lol

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