Are users able to create accounts?

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Are users able to create accounts? We have just upgraded our version of PHP and noticed that there are less users online. Are users able to create accounts? Post errors here. Cheers 😂

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This includes users who already with accounts; are you able to login to them?

DJK Guest

Yea, I am trying to create an acct but the security code image is broken.

DJK Guest

Sorry, meant no can't create an acct.

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Is anyone able to unsubsrcribe?

a3ndy1 Guest

I registerd my details in early October, I have paid the fee and yet I still havent had my account activation information from Fly Away Simlulation. I have sent them numerous emails, to which I have not received any reponses to....This is appalling. I am thinking of requesting for a refund, even though a small one, just out of principle.

You guys need to wake up...and treat your members with some respect. If I do not hear from your accounts department within November I will be taking action. Seeing as you do not read my emails, perhaps you will see this.

Unhappy customer. Evil or Very Mad

My account username is a3ndy

Giz Guest

I would be so glad to be at least able to unsubscribe from their newsletters.... But it looks like there's no way to do it (haven't found it yet at least Wink )
Isn't there law protecting private data in "whatever their country is" : in mean, something saying that you can't keep data on somebody if he ask you to stop to do so?

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