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Flyboy92 Captain
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crosscheck9 Chief Captain

Yes, that discussion among scientists has been active for a weeks now -- Makes you question everything you've been told Rolling Eyes

Have you ever had that feeling, where everything just seems right, and you have no cares in the world..As if heaven smiled down upon you, and told you everything was going to be ok?

Yea, neither have I

Pro Member Chief Captain
99jolegg Chief Captain

Yes, we are back to 8 planets in are minuscule solar system.


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violentviolet Captain

Astronomers have been debating Pluto's planetary status for years.If it's not a planet, is it a big asteriod? I don't really care to much what astronomers and scientists are now saying,to me Pluto will always be Mickey Mouses' dog! ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

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hinch Chief Captain

i've never classed pluto as a planet. i have very much been fascinated by since since i was small, and i believe ever since i was about 6 i've argued so - including one instance where the teacher called me stupid.

the fact is, it's too darn small and has a funny orbit Wink

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I would like to see it stay as a planet but if it did 3 others (smaller) would qualify since they have the same orbits and composition.


Pro Member Chief Captain
hinch Chief Captain

it's very true, there are a number of bodies in the same belt as pluto that are larger and similar in many ways - just perhaps not quite as round and thus not a 'planet'. also having been discovered later they didn't stand a chance - pluto was only labelled a planed having been discoevered in 1930 before the other objects and also for arguments sake (my very easy method just speeds up naming planets now doesn't work...x)

Pro Member Chief Captain
Tailhook Chief Captain

Will this affect numerology and astrology?

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