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I have read a few manuals from PMDG and online manuals and I still don't understand totally how to actually operate the FMC. One online manual showed the FMC operation for a Danish Airport, but now I usually would like to fly using a Spanish Airport to see how it actually is done. What I particularly don't understand are the routes and legs. How do you find out a jetway, waypoint if I was to do a flight from Málaga to Barajas? I don't understand how you get the names for them either. Could anyone help me?

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I am trying to master the FMC as well. My understanding is if you click on world at the top of the screen, and them map, then zoom in on the map, you will see lots of triangles that are waypoints and intersections etc. If you hover over / click on them you will see the name.

Also if FS puts together a flight plan for you, wouldn't it list all the waypoints on the flightplan? You could then just input them to the FMC.


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Yes, in fact I'll try out that. Let me see if it works. Thanks for the suggestion, will see if it'll work or not.

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How to program the FMC

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Yeah I saw that website before. What I didn't understand were from where did he get the jetways and waypoints.

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Look at the map in FS9 and look for VORs (squares with a shape in the middle or without a shape) and connect a line of those VORs from your departure to your destination airport, programming the VORs into your FMC.

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You can get all the waypoints from this site

RouteFinder and then copy & paste the route into FSroute and then export into the PMDG or FS.


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