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Philip2 Guest

I have a problem (question) and would be greatful for advice.

I recently baught the Abacus Airbus A380 (great Add-on)

When i play on FS2002 the game will not have the usuall AI traffic, but only the Airbus A380 AI traffic at Toulouse.

Please can someone help in the mystery?


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tomthetank Chief Captain

It sounds as though the Abacus addon has rewritten your traffic file
Do you use any addon traffic program?

Philip2 Guest

i downloaded ttools of a website.

i created my own AI flights n stuff, and all the flights (origional and new) are on there but it doesnt show them in FS2002.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

As TTT pointed out, your Abacus add-on may have overwritten your AI traffic during installation.
ttools is a compiler, it doesn't save files as such. I would try and program my AI traffic again.

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