The super 80 from flight 1 or cool sky

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What is an ONS on the super 80 from flight one please explain Thanks you very much 🙂

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INS is an intertial navigation system - to put it one way it could be described as a simple FMC.

anyway, read this review on the product Wink:

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An INS (Inertial Navigation System) is a navigation sensor that is often used to provide aircraft position to a FMC or FMS. 🙂

Edit: An INS system is not a sensor but a full nav system that predates the FMC/FMS. I was thinking IRU which is a sensor. Embarassed

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The Omega Navigation System. It is almost like an earlier FMS but without its own navigation database. I recommend you read the manual first.

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Thank you all very much 😀

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Its stupidly simple to use, and the super 80 is stupidly easy to fly thanks to there interactive training system. I hope more companys learn from them. If you ever have any questions with the Super80 just ask. 🙂

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