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How do I install AI Flight Plans into my game? They have the readme thingy but without instructions. Does anyone know how to install AI Flight Plans?

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Which one do you have? as each each different

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DustEagle AI Traffic for FS2004 Uni Air-small airline in taiwan

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found it on avsim

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here's the entire readme without instructions:

ummer 06
Release Date: 05-07-2006

Country: Taiwan (Asia)
Main Hub: Taipeh - Sung Shan Airport (RCSS)
Type: scheduled
Callsign: Glory

Fleet (included only):
7 x McDonnellDouglas MD-90
11 x DHC Dash 8-300


- Taiwan has since long an extensive domestic aviation scene.
One of the more succesful players in the last years in UNI Air.
UNI is the domestic division of EVA Airways and flies all regular
domestic routes out of Taipeh and Kaohsiung.

- A few international routes out of Kaohsiung are also operated:
Bangkok, Hanoi and Seoul.

- Requests and comment can be send to .


Daan 'dustEagle' Callaerts
Gent, Belgium

LEGAL: This package can not be redistributed in any way
(modified or not) without my explicit permission.
Contact me through mail or at the EVAI-forum.

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You need to download the MRAI Installer

And then follow the instructions. You will need to found the folder on your C: look for a folder called MRAI Installer .......

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