Hi All,

I am an avid simer,,, i have instaled the latest version of fs2004 century of my disapointment the kneeboard has got no notes section...and that is not good... befor i could fly and have some airport information on the kneeboard with out going to the map of cource that stops the sim in the backround, and my memory not so

does anyone have an add on i can use to stor info on while flying the plane,,,i know pen and paper is a good option but i was able to do it in fs2002...


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You can type relevant info into the kneeboard yourself.



Well i have read back my terrible discription about the kneeboard, what i do in fs2002 while i am approaching an airport is i open the map find the airport information i.e. name atis frequancies, approach, also the runways information like ILS, and ILS headings, I was able to copy and paste from the map to the notes section of the kneeboard, so that i could adjust my navs and radios acordingly while flying towards the airport.
But this option (notes) was not included. I can't modify the kneeboard while flying at all, to modify it I would need to modify the .htm files.

So is there a way of doing this in the fs2004 edition. I have read the help menu but i can not find anything.

Please help...

Kind Regards

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Not sure I understand your question correctly. As you say, the 'notes' page is not available in fs9.
Your priority here seems to be that you don't have to pause the flight to look up data. For the same purpose I use the old-fashioned kneeboard, literally - except I don't have it fastened to my thigh.
After I've planned my flight etc. I jot down all the required data on my notepad prior to departure and it works well.

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