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is there any airport (freeware or payware) which is like -THE MOST REALISTIC- ever?
By this I mean is when you park at a gate that pssage thing does not stretch out to the aircraft. 😞

this is bad people. hope microsoft has fixed the most problems in fsx 🙂

any help is greatful 🙂

cheers peeps.

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UK2000 stuff is pretty good. Especially the "Pros and Xtremes"

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You want the gate to come to the aircraft ? ROFL

Easy ➡

Not all the airports have the gate feature,but some of these do 👍

Make sure you read the instructions for the frequency to activate the gates 😉

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thanx guys 😀

you are really help full =)
do any of you know where I can find a scenery add on for palma de mallorca like how it looks in the real world?
I found 1 but the graphics on it are the same boring Censored as it were original from fs2004 😞

and the controll towers...
can you help me find a realistic addon tower?
like when I watch from the tower in the game I just see the world.
it just gets so boring.

I want the game to be as realistic as it can be.
specially when it comes to scenery and the aircrafts.

I also want a new york scenery which includes the 2 wtc towers.
the city is boring without them 😞 lol

kidan funny also...
when I begin at JFK Intl and look in front of the plane or chopper I have added a scenery from teh movie independance day so I see those huge ships! lol

there are 2 runways but the bad thing is I cant land on them 😞
that would have been so funny.
a passenger plane on top of an alien craft Wink haha

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