NEW GEFORCE DRIVERS - Great performance increase for FS2004

Bigal78 Guest

Its not brand new but....

Just thought I would let everyone know, I just updated to the latest Geforce Forceware driver realeased on 8/11/2006 from the last version and with exactly the same settings in FS2004, my frame rate went up between 10-30 frames per second.

I was getting lower frame rates in the city areas (as low as 30 fps) but with these new drivers I cant get it to go below 60 frames per second with max settings at 1920 x 1200 resolution.

Make sure you update to this recent driver. One concern though, I have the demo of FSX and it wont run now with these drivers. I might have to reinstall the demo. Probably just temporary

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hinch Chief Captain

(doesn't work if you have a geforce 5500 Wink)

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KenTel First Officer

And it did horrible things to my twin SLI 7900GTXs set up! And with 91.31 I'm getting fps90 to fps180........

Guest Ed Guest

Yeah, whether it will help or work at all depends a lot on the card and the system.


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