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Ok, I just downloaded a new airplane off the internet, how do I install it in FS so I can fly it?

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You need WinZip to unzip the folders.
You can get the trial one at WinZip it's the best you can use and the trial will last for years.

I think I know what you are asking but I try answering two ways.
One, If you cannot find your downloads to "unzip" them, send them to "My Computer", "My Briefcase" or even to "Desktop".
You can enter them from any of those areas.
I download to a folder that I have in "My Briefcase" it's just handy for me that way.
I do it a more complicated way, but it works.
Make certain you have a full aircraft not just textures.

Unzip the file and now it's in it's own little window, you work from there. Dump the jpgs.


dblc on "My Computer"
dblc on The "C" drive icon.
dblc on "Program files"
dblc on "Microsoft Games".
dblc on "Flight Simulator.

Now you have all the folders laid out in front of you.
Follow the directions in the read-me that came with the aircraft.
Put the gauges in the gauge folder.
Put the effects in the effects folder.
Put the aircraft in the aircraft folder; make certain it has the correct name of the plane.

Now go crash land like I do.



thank you radarman, you are very helpful

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👍 Good I'm pleased to see that you have it working, enjoy!


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Hey RadarMan. Can you help me with something?

I am trying to installa panel in a plane that I downloaded. The plane downloaded good, but it is aliased to the default 747 panel. I downloaded a new panel I want to install. Do I have to: 1- crate a new alias in the panel.cfg? 2- Do I need to place the panel/guages in the fsfsconv file!

Also, the sound and guages files have other files within them that are zipped. Do I have to unzip them before moving them into their respective destinations?

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Here's an excellent tutorial on panels.
Good luck!

Only unzip the gauges if the read-me tell you. Some are to stay zipped and some aren't, it's all up to the designer.


elkinallen Guest


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👍 il vostro benvenuto


elkinallen Guest


Can you help?

I downloaded and printed the instructions. But there is somethings contrary to what I have in explorer. E.g., it says,, the install inst., to go to path:...aircraft\747.200\panel
I don't have this in my path!! Not exactly! The path, mine, is: Aircraft\aircraft\fsfsconv\panel.747.200

I don't know what to do?!

Also, the path reads: ...aircraft\aircraft\fsfsconv\panel.747.200

Is this allright?

elkinallen Guest


I have a fsfsconv which has the 747 panel, BUT!!! there is also a fscnv file that has all the default panels in it What's up with this?
The example shows ALL the panels in the fsfsconv file!! ?

elkinallen Guest

I just went through everything again:

According to the instructions,I am to: 'go to the aircrafts panel folder and cick on the down cheveron, select 'files save as type', then select 'all files' and save it as panel.cfg

This part I cannot figure out!!! 1- I do not have cheveron pull downs and in any case cannot find the files save as type portion. I therefore cannot complete the task.

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Ermm... fsfsconv?What does that do?I thouht that was no use in fs9

Can you not just replace the panel folder of your d/loaded aircraft with
the panel of your choice

I have just found this link,let us know if its any good ➡

elkinallen Guest

I would love to be able to. HOW?!?! Tell me how you do it.!!!!

elkinallen Guest

I don't know what is going on by now. All I want to do is install a damn panel in an aircraft!!!! I think I have read and tried so many different things,, that now everything is jumbled up!!!

I installed aircraft that came with their own panels. But I am trying to install a panel in an,,, a downloaded aircraft that didn't have a panel. I downloaded a panel and want to install it.

You would'nt believe it!! I ended up with a 727 panel in the 747. This was a panel that came with the 727. I do NOT know what happened.

Can you tell me how to install a downloaded panel in a plane? Is there some simple, staight forward procedure?!?!

This fsfsconv crap is in the instructions that are on,, I think it is
I think it is a conversion file for aliasing.

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😕 Im not sure what this fsconv thing is

no1 Open fs9

no2 open aircraft

no3 open the aircraft youwant to change

no 4 remove this panel to desktop(for safe keeping)

no5 If panel is on its own left click and hold mouse over new panel and drag it over to where you just deleted the old panel
copy panel folder(right click mouse)now move mouse point over no4 and paste (right click mouse)

elkinallen Guest

Right on Brother!!! Thanks alot!!!

It took me 2.7 minutes to do it!!!! Thanks for that. I guess all I needed was a second look. You did it. It was very simple. I was encountering compressor stalls one after another!!!

I want to now install sound packs. You know the ones that have cabin attendant calls and such. Any quik advice before I get going on it. Seems ok. But if you know any snags that I might run across,,,



elkinallen Guest

I cannot edit my posts. I won't write so much and take up so much 'forum' space.

1 more Big Q!!!

I want to install additional panels such as wing views and interiors seats and such. I downloaded them.
The directions are ok, but not crystal. Is it as straight forward as adding a line or 2 to the panel.cfg? Is there a short, nice easy way for this?

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