could i have a little help with some french please?

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well i'm trying to install LFHM and LFHU. i have downloaded the individual files and and installed them in the normal manner but nowt seemed to happen. i then went and got the lot - all the sceneries, textures, mesh in one file ''

after clicking add-on scenery when selecting my airport to depart from i see the list comes out and after some brief excitement this is what it looks like:

this is what i want!:



this is the site:

now apparently the big file with everything has...everything, except it darn well doesn't does it! i'm pretty good at this scenery lark, and i've put the mesh in the master scenery/EURW/scenery as it suggests and the textures in the texture folders (including the nova gold ones etc etc...)

i'm getting a little frustrated,[/img]

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