New Scenery - Bora Bora French Polynesia.

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There is new scenery available for Bora Bora airport in French Polynesia. Designed by Bill Melichar. Afcad by Ray Smith is also included (3.2MB) -Can be found here:

^Main terminal. BTW, the only jets I recommend flying in to Bora Bora are 737-2/3/400's and below. Otherwise it's in with the fishes!

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Looks nice OrlandoGeorge! I'll have to try it out.

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It's worth checking out if you like flying in the South Seas! It's a nice hop from Faaa Tahiti and there is great looking addon scenery available for that one as well. Also by Bill Melichar. Here is a capture that shows the real McCoy and what an acurate job Bill has done in replicating it.

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