Faulty CD4?

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Due to the recent problems with my rudder going all over the place, I yet again cleared everything out and re-loaded FS2004.

Now, with absoloutely no add-ons or updates and with a fresh clean FS9 on my system, the rudder is still out of control on the ground. Turning right is near impossible, and throttle down turns the plane left. I have checked my joystick rudder and there is nothing wrong with it. It is a default plane with the correct yaw settings as well. Mad

Is it possible I have a faulty CD4 causing this problem, and is it possible to contact Microsoft about this problem if no-one knows the answer, without paying a fortune?


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It is unlikely that CD4 is the problem. Have you checked that your joystick is set up correctly and is functioning properly??

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Sounds like a controller/assignment problem, try these steps.

1. Uninstall your Joystick and any other controllers (except your mouse). Fly/taxi with the keyboard and see how it reacts.

2. Install only your Joystick but connect to a USB port on the computer, not a hub. Calibrate your Joystick paying particular attention to duplicate key assignments.

3. If steps 1 & 2 above go smoothly, install other controller(s) one at a time watching for duplicate key assignments. 🙂

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If the joystick is the only controller you have check that it isn't duplicated on the controls/assignments menu.

Check the throttle axis isn't assigned to the rudder in the controls/assignments menu.

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Thanks for the advise guys.

I uninstalled the joystick software and drivers and then downloaded the latest from their website. It fixed the problem.


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