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hi guys, went to load fs when i got home from college and its asking for cd4 even tho its in the drive?

FSPassengers screws up then my disc 4 doesnt work :/ Ive rebooted pc and stuff and its not havin it.

Anyone else had this problem?

Looking at using a nocd crack till i can get this problem sorted as im dying to fly again after a break 🙂

It couldnt be a problem that ive installed it on my sisters pc could it? (My pc's gone tits up and wont run it)

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Update your FS to version 9.1 (if you havent alerady done it) ➡

...and then download the No-CD crack from our site. ➡

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Micah Captain

alternitively, it could be your cd drive. I had a problem with one of mine not so long ago, and it would run some discs and not others. Drivers wouldn't fix it, it was completely hardware related. Had to replace the drive and then it ran really well.

Remember, there is a no cd crack so that you dont always have to have disc 4 in the drive.

Micah 😉

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Tailhook Chief Captain

As Micah suggests, it could be cd drive related.

There is another malfunction that crops up occasionally. The 'AutoPlay' function can get corrupted in XP.
If you try to change the AutoPlay settings in your cd-drive Properties and you get no response, this could be the problem.

Before you buy a new drive I'd consider this possibility. There is a little RepairWizard that'll fix it - it's fixed mine ➡

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