FS2004 CD4 problem

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Hi there just saw your 25th Aug topic on the forum and was wandering if I could kindly ask someone for the flight sim 2004 thingy. If it has to do with the CD4 wont start in the cd rom after I have completly installed the 4 cd's ooohhh yeah I think it is the NO-CD CRACK. I have a 205kb crack I downloaded of emule but the ending is rar thingy file and I dont know enough about files to know how to use it. And one last favor if its quite tech... can you tell me how to do it, If not to much of a hassel Thanks alot Cheers 😳 ...............

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Search for winrar on google. As far as I know it's free- or shareware - that extracts those kind of files and you have an exe

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Or download here:

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If Fs2004 cannot locate cd4 in the cd-rom to start the game, remove any Alcohol or Nero software. This should fix it. The programs paste an
copied image of themselves that interfer with MS security codes.

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