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i was just wondering if there is anthing that i can download or just do anything that i can use so that i can refuel jets with my kc-135. write if u can tell me anything 😀

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Take your choice of these three ways.
1: Taxi over to the fuel pumps. Get close.
2: Assign a key to the command "Add Fuel Quantity".
3: Select "Aircraft - Fuel and Payload" from the menu (press Alt).


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RadarMan I think he might mean in the air?

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to_coolguys First Officer

yeah ,, he means mid air refuelling

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Taylor First Officer

yea i mean while i am flying. sorry i didnt make that clear enough

spuddi Guest

If you buy the c130 cd from justflight they include a vc10 that refuels you inflight. plus its not just the c130 that it will refuel, it will do anything.
its great to try your skills at lining up behind it.

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