Does In-flight refueling work?

Does In-flight Refueling work?
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 33%  [ 2 ]
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Does In-flight refueling work?

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Haven't done it myself so I didn't vote, but if I remember correctly you can pull your F-18 up behind any AI airliner and get gas... (no animations or refueling boom or anything, but your tank fills up.)

Could be totally wrong here though. Try it!

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Now of course in fs9 all these groovy things work Whistle yes, that of course includes refueling boom, drogue and the inevitable chatter accompanying a hairy maneuver as such... hehehe 😎
But hey that's just so old fashioned, hence we better stick to our tubes, calculate the fuel, switch on AP and hope that the copious amounts of coffee will actually wake us up just prior to descend, approach and landing procedures.

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