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I downloaded Pedro Oliviera's Madeira scenery enhancement and tried to install it. The installation instruction does not seem to line up with the actual files in the folder and in desperation I lumped every "Scenery" and "Texture" files I came across in a new folder and then went through the Add-on Scenery procedure. It installed ok but some details are missing, like the end of runway "archway" structure and buildings adjacent to the strip.

Has anybody else installed this software and had more success than me?

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I presume is the file in question?

If so, you might have missed this part of the installation instructions:

Note: For the installation of the package to be successful, the target Madeira
Islands commercial scenery must have been previously installed and activated by a
personal password provided by the manufacturer.


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Thanks for your reply which rings a bell in my unreliable memory - I remember now that when I first downloaded it I ran into problems trying to get the Madeira software and gave up. I had forgotten that - I'll have another go, if I can figure out how to find it again.

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