Worlds worst airports

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Hi folks
Doco on tele last night about the worlds 10 most dangerous busy airports. Sure many of you have seen it. I did not record it but took notes. After searching on the internet I am pretty sure I have the correct list below. Welcome any feed-back or comments. Listed from least dangerous to most dangerous.

KSAN Lindbergh San Diego. Very busy. City obstructions. Short RWY

LPMA Madeira Portugal. Turbulent winds. Bird strike

KEGE Eagle Vail Colorado. High alt. Changing weather. Turbulence. Treacherous approach.

LFLJ Courchevel France. Roller coaster RWY

VHHX Hong Kong. Difficult approach and depart

LXGB Gibralter. Serious downdrafts, crosswinds, yahcts, highway across RWY

TNCM St Maartins Carribean Difficult APPR & depart. Thrill seekers enjoy T.O. Jet exhaust

TFFJ St Barths Carribean. Difficult APPR. V short RWY

MHTG Tegucigalpa Honduras. Complex APPR Mountainous.

VNLK Lukla Nepal. Extreme APPR. High ALT. No chance of go-around. Clouds.

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How come Innsbruck and Castlegar are not on the list? These have VERY difficult instrument approaches. As for St. Maarten, I've landed there myself (in FSX, not in real life), and it wasn't nearly as hard as they say it is.

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Good post, but from a Flight Sim point of view I think a more apt title would have been "Worlds BEST airports"

One I would like to add is Cabramurra Airstrip YCUR in NSW AU, but you will need OZx and/or ORBX FTX scenery installed.

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