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I've got a question that has been puzzling me and havent found help in FS9 learning center.

I've been flying the Cessna Skyhawk and have become decent at VOR and ADF navigation. I thought I'd step up to the Baron for more power etc.
When I scan the gauges however I dont see a VOR display at all. Just something else that I am un-familar with, I'm sure it provides the same function but I can't figure it out.

Can anyone describe how it's used in relation with the VOR system in the Skyhawk?

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cumpaniciu_one Guest

For the default Baron in FS2K4, the HSI (horizontal situation indicator) used to track VORs is right under the attitude indicator, right in the middle of the dashboard.

When the two segments of the yellow line are alligned you are correcly tracking (in/outbound).

Check this picture out.

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Yeah, but thats the Dreamfleet Baron.

You gotta open up the display that has all the com frequencys on it, also has the autopilot on it.

DThak Guest

AH ok I see, I figured that it was related to that gauge somehow. Thanks for the reply!!

cumpaniciu_one Guest

DThak wrote:

AH ok I see, I figured that it was related to that gauge somehow. Thanks for the reply!!

The main difference between the two HSIs is that Cessna's OBS (omni bearing selector) works by turning the compass dial, while Baron's OBS will just rotate the yellow arrow to the desired radial.

That can be confusing, but I use it by setting the heading the same as the tracked radial, so the yellow arrow will always point 12 o'clock (except when I'm intercepting, of course)


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