Real Air Simulations Spitfire (56k beware, screenshots)

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Hi All,

I recently got myself a new pc and I only just got round to getting all my FS2004 stuff on there.. well, my scenery, airports and my Spitfire..

I got a few screens for you to see 🙂 enjoy...

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Andrew (AJWatson2209) First Officer

is that spitfire paywear?? nice shots! 😀

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Nice shots and nice plane! 👍


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I'm normally quite reserved about my comments on screenshots, but let me say WOW! Those are incredible. I'm still trying to figure out if it's the plane or the PC that makes it so awesome 😀

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Chris102 Chief Captain

Great looking Aircraft!

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john (verygom) First Officer

Whats your PC spec?? - I'm green with envy

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its a payware Spitfire but to be honest - it puts other payware add-ons to shame!

there is no 2d cockpit as such but there really shouldn't be 🙂

The shot in my signature was taken on my old machine, so it looks great on various spec machines, just the skin takes longer to load when going between views

the guages in the 3d cockpit all move smoothly, none of this jerkyness 🙂

the pilot looks around and you can see his arms / legs moving as you move the controls

My current pc spec is as follows:

Wavemaster Coolermaster case
AMD 64 dual core 3800+
BFG Geforce 7800 GTX 256MB OC (Clocked to 480mhz clock speed)
1GB Crucial Ballistix Dual Channel DDR ram (2 x 512MB)
2 x 240GB SATA-II Maxdor Maxline drives configured on RAID 0 for speed
Creative Labs Audigy ZS 2 SoundCard

My old PC is:

Pentium P4 2.3ghz Processor
1GB a.n.other crappy ram
Radeon 9800 Pro
120GB Samsung HD
Creative Sound blaster Live

I know there is a massive difference between the 2, but the spit looked fantastic on the old on too!

here is a shot of the instrument panel using my old machine:

all of them are usable, you can use a key to start the engines... or you can switch on the fuel, set the mixture, turn on the master switches, pump the primer pump (it doesn't actually do anything but it moves so it looks like it does 🙂 ) and hit the start key

The cockpit canopy is opened by using the mouse rather than a key and the side door can be opened by 'hand' too

if you run the engine too hard eventually it gets too hot and fails - it spits out black smoke, covers the screen in oil and suddenley you find yourself with an emergency landing on your hands, so don't treat her too mean 🙂

One of the things reviewers of this aircraft said that struck me, was about its stalling characteristics... she stalls properly! you even get buffeting before it, and she creaks a bit under stress in tight turns 🙂

the installation also comes with a WWII fighter station (i forget which now) where about 12 other of these spits, take off and fly about and taxi about

the torque is mental on take off too so be careful with the rudder 🙂
the sounds are also amazing..

here is one of it cruising somewhere over Spain on my old machine:

it is quite a pricey upgrade but I assure you ALL other addons, both payware and freeware after this one have disappointed me!

Check it out, they also do some other great aircraft, namely:

SIAI-Marchetti SF260 2005
Super Decathlon
Kangan Batman TAFE Cessna 172 (for fs2002 and 2004)

I don't work for them, i am just so utterly impressed I think this small 2 or 3 man team should get all the credit they deserve!

utterly utterly fantastic work, the spit is a must for warbird enthusiasts

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