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Is there a way of determining the type of airport from its ID? Such as single grass airstrip or international airport etc?

Are the red stop bars controlled by ATC to hold aircraft in FS or can it be added?

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For Airport Facility data, open your GPS, turn the outer ring of the cursor one click to the right, then press the middle cursor button and enter the ICAO code. It will show you a brief summary of the most important data such as longest RWY length, airport elevation etc. This is the best you're going to get really, more elaborate information is not easily accessible in FS9.

To be short about the second question, The Hold-Short nodes are defined in bgl files, which can be edited using a program called AFCAD. You can insert or delete them (although the latter is not advised as it will probably screw up the correct working of ATC and (AI) traffic - haven't actually tried this.) or place them closer to, or further from the runway. There is some more to know about this though.

Hope this is what you meant.


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Solotwo wrote:

All the info you need.

thats an extensive list of ICAO code prefixes... Surprised

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I think I know what you're asking and the answer is in general no. However, if you see a "full" ID (like KJFK for example) it's not probably that it's a grass strip. If it looks like KL01 it might be a smaller (possibly grass) airstrip.

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