Cessna 172SP RPM problem

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My problem is that when I want to go full throttle in Cessna 172 the tachometer doesn't pass the 2150rpm, and this happens only for the 172, the reat of the aircrafts seem to be OK.

I've tried the things below for no change:
- uninstall then installed again;
- realism set to easy;
- downloaded another Cessna 172, new panel, gauges;
- used the 172 from FS2002;
- disabled the joystick;
- uninstalled the FS9.1 update.

Confusing is that I haven't had this problem 2 years ago (same XP, same FS2004 discs).

Does anybody have a clue?

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2150 RPM is normal static RPM for a C-172 stationary. As airspeed increases, the RPM will increase. Aircraft Tachometers react to airspeed or more precisely, air loads. Has to do with the angle of attack of the fixed pitch propeller. It's normal.🙂

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CRJCapt is probably correct, but, make sure you have your mixture set to the right setting, or just use an airport at sealevel and push it all the way in.

What will it read at full throttle while in straight and level flight?

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First time I encountered this problem was in the 3rd flying lesson, when the instructor asked to make a climb. When I pushed the throttle all the way up the RPM dropped from 2300 to 2150. Then all my tries were made by creating a flight at the Seattle Tacoma airport and going full throttle with the plane there on the runway (automixture ON).

After I read your posts I got the plane to 1000 ft and in straight and level flight I got almost 2400 RPM (went beyond when I made a descent).

Now I have to see if that gets me through the flying lessons.

Thanks Bow Down

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I cannot increase my 172XP rpm to over 2150 at any altitude or under any flight conditions. I have played with every setting. This makes it impossible to fly the plane because it will not generate enougn RPM (power) for liftoff.

I have run out of ideas. I know others have been experiencing the same problem and I would like to know if anyone has been able to solve it.

I have a real 172 and know quite well how the plane responds in the real world.

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