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DC-3 Radio Navigation Questions

DThak Guest

This question is probally aimed at RadarMan but anyone who can help is welcome. 😀

My question is about the radio compass on the default DC-3. I know that it has a ADF function but what about VOR? When I bring up the radio I see NAV radios 1 and 2. I also see that the needle moves when I tune a VOR course....I think.

I just love flying the DC-3 and I want to take it out a little further. The auto-pilot seems different but I've found info on that in the learning center.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

The navigation radios in the DC-3 are unique, let's talk about each function separately.

ADF-This function is available for each needle(NAV 1 or NAV 2). It's reacts just as a modern ADF but the display is not shown in enough detail for you to navigate with precision. Setting the NDB frequency can be difficult using just the frequency scale provided, place your mouse cursor over the frequency selection knob to see a digital display of the frequency. Use the knob on the upper right to align the outer compass ring to your current magnetic heading(MH) that's shown on the compass. With that accomplished, the number under the head of the needle is the magnetic bearing(MB) TO the station and the number under the tail is the MB FROM the station. Course corrections would be accomplished using normal ADF procedures.

NAV(VOR)- This uses the needle just as the modern Radio Magnetic Indicator(RMI) except that the outer compass card is not slaved to the magnetic compass. The tail of the needle always shows what VOR radial you're on, from the selected station. Align the outer compass card with your MH as with the ADF navigation. Radials are always labeled FROM a VOR. Navigation and course correction utilize ADF procedures.

Just remember with both types of stations to keep the outer compass ring aliened with your MH and that you are always physically located on the MB or Radial indicated by the tail of the needles. If you get confused, use the GPS.🙂

DThak Guest

CRJCapt, thanks for the information. After reading it over this morning and testing it out to make all makes sense. Could'nt have asked for a better explantion.

One thing about the radio compass though. Do you find that the heading numbers on the face are almost impossible to read? If I squnt hard enough I can make a good guess but thats about it. It should have at least a mouse over that would display the numbers.......Oh well thanks again for your wonderful help!

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

DThak wrote:

One thing about the radio compass though. Do you find that the heading numbers on the face are almost impossible to read?

Yes it's almost unreadable. It would be nice if you could get a pop up window the enlarges the whole dial or as you say,at least information when you put your cursor on the dial. Glad I could help. 👍

DThak Guest

I just tried something that seems to make the gauge more readable. I went to VC mode and zoomed in on the radio compass using the +
The numbers are a little blurry but can be made out much easier. Problem is its kinda cumbersome to do quickly and it takes your eye off the other gauges for a sec......which can't be good lol.

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