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A little help...

I am flying an opensky 767-200 and can't seem to nail the landing. I either flare to early or to late which ruins my fspax scores.

Any tips that anyone could give? I have mastered the 747 and 737 and can nail those every time.

Any thing different about the 767? It is really pissing me off since I have practiced and practiced with the 767 but when I go for the landing they seem to be off.

Any help is appreciated.

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1) Don't cut the power too high - you'll lose your airspeed quickly, lose your lift and drop like a rock on to the runway.

2) Nail Vref accurately so you're not too fast or too slow.

3) Don't flare too high - 30ft is fine. As you cut the power, and start to drop, slowly pull back on the yoke (joystick) until your VSI increases towards zero, keeping a close eye on visual cues outside to determine your descent rate.

A combination of pitch and power is crucial for a flare. The flare should be around 5-7 degrees but isn't a fixed entity, so try and keep the flare and flexible as possible. Sticking to fixed criteria for a flare isn't likely to be successful.

Good luck!

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BB27 wrote:

Any tips that anyone could give? I have mastered the 747 and 737 and can nail those every time.

Any thing different about the 767?
Any help is appreciated.

If the 74 and 73 you're referring to are default aircraft than you'll notice a big difference when flying the POSKY 76.

I don't know whether you're flying by the numbers or not. Either way, you MUST adjust you're Fuel and Payload prior to departure.
Failing to do that, you might get the aircraft off the ground and all the way to the destination, but you'll have a terrible time trying to land due to the imbalance.

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The 74's and 73's are all opensky planes. I do fuel calculations before flight and only take on enough fuel for the flight + reserve. I am landing with right around 10000 pounds of fuel left, usually less.

I think this is a practice, practice, practice problem.

Just getting on my nerves because it seems so much harder than the others.

Thanks for the replies!

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I see. I do recall having had problems with some of the 74s and some of the 76s in the past until I paid closer attention to all the documentation contained in the download -- in a nutshell:

Sometimes texture artists or those who upload packages don't include the appropriate documentation. Thus you'll end up with a model that claims to be the latest version according to its description, but if you look closely, you'll find that the model is actually outdated. In other words the fact that a file was uploaded only yesterday doesn't necessarily mean the model it contains is current.

Complicating matters is the fact that the 74s and the 76s have been going for years now, which means a so-called update could be referring to anything, yet the model you end up with is still the one designed for FS2002.

The 73s are up-to-date obviously, let's see how quick they'll be updated for FSX if necessary 😀

In conclusion make sure your 767 uses the most recent .mdl and .air files and hopefully the landings will become easier.

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