Cargo Pilot: Stuck

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Jamie Robson (Jamier) First Officer

Ive downloaded the demo setup my base etc and im stuck, my baron doesnt have enough fuel to fly any of the missions what am i supposed to do?

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mossy First Officer

try pressing crtl. x, its emergency refuel, but i am not 100% it will work in a mission situation so dont get ur hopes too high.

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Odyssey First Officer

Before you actually take off, if you press ALT a menu bar will appear. Click Aircraft and then select Fuel and Payload from the drop down list.
This is the case for FS9 anyway. I don't have cargo pilot so I'm not sure if it will be different. Hope this helps.
Od 😉

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Solotwo Chief Captain

Real the manual, I just downloaded the demo of cargo pilot, which is awesome btw, and if you have Cargo Pilot start of FS it will load the plane without fuel, YOU have to load it with fuel to the proper amount.

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