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Hi everyone,I've downloaded great plane ATR-72 ,but when ever I stop it (on the gorund) when taxing ,than I cannot move 😂 ,even when I set maximum RPM. everything else works just fine, It flies like a dream.

I know there is something wrong CFG file.

I've cut some info from CFG file ,you may know whats wrong with it...

engine_type= 5
Engine.0= 5.900, -13.000, -1.000
Engine.1= 5.900, 13.000, -1.000
fuel_flow_scalar= 1.000

fuel_flow_gain= 0.015
inlet_area= 1.000
rated_N2_rpm= 21400.000
static_thrust= 195.000
afterburner_available= 0

propeller_type= 0
propeller_diameter= 13.600
propeller_blades= 6
propeller_moi= 280.000
beta_max= 45.000
beta_min= 12.000
min_gov_rpm= 16000.000
prop_tc= 0.000
gear_reduction_ratio= 17.600
fixed_pitch_beta= 0.000
low_speed_theory_limit= 80.000
prop_sync_available= 0
prop_deice_available= 1
prop_feathering_available= 1
prop_auto_feathering_available= 1
min_rpm_for_feather= 0.000
beta_feather= 86.000
power_absorbed_cf= 0.900
defeathering_accumulators_available= 0
prop_reverse_available= 1.000
minimum_on_ground_beta= 1.000
minimum_reverse_beta= -6.000

maximum_torque= 15500.000

[Reference Speeds]
flaps_up_stall_speed= 102.000
full_flaps_stall_speed= 81.600
cruise_speed= 304.798

elevator=30.000, 50.000
aileron=60.000, 150.000
rudder=60.000, 100.000


type= 1
span-outboard= 0.600
extending-time= 10.000
system_type= 0
damaging-speed= 0.000
blowout-speed= 0.000
lift_scalar= 1.200
drag_scalar= 1.100
pitch_scalar= -0.400
flaps-position.0= 0.000, 0.000
flaps-position.1= 15.000, 0.000
flaps-position.2= 30.000, 0.000


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Solotwo Chief Captain

What ATR did you get?

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UG_PL Trainee

the only thing that i changed is the panel I've deleted all files from Panel and I am using 737 default panel 😂

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Karlw Captain

well there is this little brake on the throttle that prevent the throttels from moving any higher make sure thats off 😉

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Solotwo Chief Captain

LOL, your using a 737 panel in an ATR?

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UG_PL Trainee

yes,do you have any problem with that?! 😕

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Solotwo Chief Captain


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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Did this problem exist before you screwed around with the panel?

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hmmmm.......umhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....I don't know ,but I think no....It worked OK

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[quote=]"UG_PL"... I've deleted all files from Panel and I am using 737 default panel 😂[/quote]

Not a good idea. Over at avsim you can do a ZipDive, for anyone who's interested ➡

This seems to be a well thought out, complete package. Why mess with it?
Tweaking is ok but if I wanted an ATR with a different panel of my choice, I
would get a less sophisticated one.
Additionally, I would NOT use a jetliner panel with a prop.

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spitfiresrule First Officer

Lol solo2 "do you have a problem with that?" "yes" 😂

Off topic I know

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