flight one atr-72 repaints and bae-146

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does anyone know where I can get a british airways and lufathansa repaint for the flight one atr-72.Oh and and bae-146 brussels airlines[freeware].

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The Bae146 is done by whom ? There´s a few ones of them around. 🙂
Also go to Avsim and search for Flight1 ATR and there´s 16 pages of liveries wit lots of BA´s and so on.

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thanks ive finally found some more repaints.
I found a payware bae-146 at aerosoft but it was not compatible with vista.was just wonderin if there was a freeware 146 in the brussels airlines livery.neede somethin I could use to fly out of mega airport brussels.

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Here is a Brussels Airlines repaint:

(dead link removed)

And since you need a -300 model for it, I guess this would be the one 1463qt6.zip


There's a very fancy freeware panel available and I think even a custom made soundset if you wanna go down that road.

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