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Another Cessna question :)

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Hello all,

I read the basic tut to FS here

They mention that you have to lift the front wheel of a Cessna at 40 knots when taking off, otherwise it will shimmy.

But I took the FS lessons and they don't mention it at all!
How are things in a real cessna?

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Pete (pdegraff) First Officer

I have flown in three within the past three months, all were high time planes, a 150, a 152 and a 172. None had nose wheel shimmy. I understand it can be a problem with some if the shimmy damper is in need of service or replacement - and there IS a shimmy damper for the nose wheel.


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

That seems strange. If maintenance is kept up to date then you shouldn't have to change normal flying procedure to facilitate poor maintenance. Any pilot that ignores the POH/FM in favour of cutting a few pounds / dollars etc shouldn't have a license.

M15A Guest

Cool, again thanks for the answers!!

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PIC1stOfficer First Officer

I flew and trained on a 182, never heard of any of the cessna's having that issue. 🙂

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