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The demo version did not (as far as i could see) have the option to chnage the altitude whilst in spot mode - it seemed to be fixed at the same level as the plane.

Does the actual version have this function (as in FS9) ?


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Matt (mattdean) First Officer

I don't get what you mean. Try pulling back on the joystick to change altitude, controls are the same in spot mode. Enjoy.

pudclarke Guest

As the title of my post suggests, i mean does FSX have the option to change the HEIGHT of the spot view camera when it is position behind the plane. In FS9 you can specify whether you want the camera at the same height of the plane it is following or at a spot higher then the plane - in other words looking down on the plane

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Both the demo and the actual release allow you to change the "camera angle".

pudclarke Guest

how do u set the camera angle at a higher altitude than the plane when in spot mode ? (in the demo version ?)


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