How do I uninstall FSX demo?

kazevac Guest

I cannot find any way to uninstall FXS demo. There is no associated icon in programs or install/uninstall etc.

Any one any ideas?


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jelami First Officer

In your control panel, click add remove programs....I know, you already know that. Make sure that you scroll down to the M's it is listed under Microsoft Flight Simulator X Demo. Unless someone deleted some files on you or the install was not done properly. Are you sure that you have it installed?
If so, you may want to reinstall it and then uninstall to remove as many lingering traces as possible.

kazevac Guest

Thanks Mike. I don't have it listed in the install/uninstall. I had problems getting the program to install, som perhaps stalled prior to inserting the uninstall bit!!

The install program hangs towards the end of installation. That's why I'm trying to remove it!



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