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Sorry to bother ya all.
I was wondering how come on my view menu I only have 2 options. cockpit and aircraft.
The Tower view and spot plane view arent available on list?!
Any ideas?
Cheers in advance.

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Did you try re-installing?

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Pete (pdegraff) First Officer

Press "Alt", then under "Views" click on "View Modes" to find a list of options that are:
Cockpit, Outside, Tower, Aircraft, Runway, Air Traffic.

Each of those has another menu. I have not tried all of them but I got an equivalent of Spot View by clicking on "Outside" and selecting "Locked Spot". The numeric keys "4" and "6" shift the view from side to side and the "5" key centers the view behind the plane. It would be nice if they told us about features like this - especially what's different from FS9 - although I admit I haven't looked at the PDF manual yet.

I miss being able to finely adjust my spot view height above (or below) the plane. My hat switch gives only large jumps in the view position.
Maybe someone else will discover more flexibility. I think there is a lot to learn! 🙄

PS: I bought this just last night after finding out on this site that FSX had been released and then finding it at a local Game Stop store (Ithaca, New York, USA). I've been wrestling with it ever since.

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PIC1stOfficer wrote:

Did you try re-installing?

That is truly the worst advice I have ever heard.

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