Problem with Virtual Cockpit camera views.

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Hey guys,

I have a problem with a camera views in Virtual cockpit.

While on the ground and the engines on idle, VC camera views works fine. I can move (SPACEBAR + MOUSE) around and the cam view will stay where I want it to be.
However, when I accelerate or when I'm flying, my VC camera view will not allow me to have my views anywhere but the front of the cock-pit. If I want to look at the sides and leave the cam there, it will automatically bring the cam view back to the front!
I tried looking into the options for this, but I couldn't find anything that could fix this problem.

I got both SP1 ad SP2 as I installed the "Acceleration" version. I run OS windows Vista 64bit for desktop. I also have it installed on my laptop which OS is Vista 32bit and I have the same VC cam views problem on laptop.

Any tips/help would be much appreciated!


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Problem Solved after reading hundreds of pages of few different FS forums until I found this topic:

The problem was with an addon FSCopilot (which I used for VATSIM) and it's options; the HeadEffect option must have both TILT and TURN disabled!

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