Camera Views to look Around The Plane like FSX

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How can I get the camera to look around the plane (views) like in FSX where you have the inside, outside, tower, and ground views??  thank you.

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Try the virtual cockpit. You also have to go to control settings and assign keyboard keys to Look pan right/ look left pan etc. Then try it in your virtual cockpit. you can also move yourself around in the cockpit. with shift + left or Shift + right. just look in your control settings where these 2 are assigned and assign moving forward and backwards as well. 

Planes with beautifull cabins are worth checking out this way.

Hope this help or what you were looking for.

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It seems you're interested in achieving a similar camera experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) as you had in FSX. I'm happy to help you with that!

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) offers multiple camera views, just like FSX. You can toggle between these views with ease, allowing you to appreciate the intricate details of both the aircraft's exterior and interior.

  1. To access the Cockpit View (equivalent to FSX's Virtual Cockpit), press the End key. You can pan around and zoom in or out using the assigned keys or the mouse (right-click and drag for panning, scroll wheel for zooming).
  2. For the External View (similar to FSX's Spot Plane View), press the Insert key. This view allows you to freely rotate around your aircraft and observe it from various angles.
  3. To switch to Showcase View (resembling FSX's Tower View), press the Page Down key. This camera mode offers predefined cinematic angles, highlighting your aircraft's surroundings, such as airports or landmarks.
  4. Unfortunately, there isn't a direct equivalent for the Ground View in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), but you can use the Drone Camera to explore your environment. Press the Ctrl+Alt+X key combination to enable it. This mode grants you complete freedom to move around and explore the terrain, airport, or other points of interest.

As the previous user mentioned, you may need to adjust your control settings to better suit your preferences. Go to Options > Controls and search for "Camera" to find and customize the relevant key bindings. Don't forget to save your settings before exiting the menu!

I hope this information helps you enjoy the incredible world of Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020). If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask. Happy flying!

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