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I've gone through all the tutorials right from the very beginning and read all the theory stuff. I've completed everything upto this point. I do have certain problems with trimming the plane but nothing that bad. Basically I fail right away on the 90 DEG turn. My altitude jumps around a bit and so does my speed. It doesn't go crazy but enough that I fail. I've tried at least ten times now and failed each time - it's really getting frustrating.

Just wondering if any of the more experienced people on here can give this a try and see if its being more fussy than it needs to be?

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hmmm 90 degree? whats the stall speed for that anyway? easily over (VA) haha. im assuming you mean 45 degree?

anyway, at 30 bank, start adding backpressure (youll need alot to hold altitude) then when your at 45, just figure out what backpressure holds 45 degrees with no loss/gain of altitude and hold that. itl take a few times. You should be holding (VA) maneuvering speed at about 99 kias. depending on your load. you really have to anticipate your rollout heading as you need to hit it within 10 degrees.

I found it easiest in the game and real life to kep my hands calm, and not be yanking the yoke around, trying to catch everything as i fly through it. Get the plane to do what you want, then subtle movements to keep it there.

hope that helps!

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Don't forget to ease in some power with the back pressure. The steeper the bank the more backpressure and power needed. Ease off with both as you come out of your turn.

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