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Before I begin, id just like to add that im posting for some help and not for people to bitch at me if I type or do something wrong.

Now, id very much apperiate ANY help from anyone. Ive flown this checkride a lot, and i mean a lot. I just keep failing it. I even skipped it and completed many lessons after the private pilot. But it bugs me knowing i havent beaten it and also the thought, why i have beaten it.

Here is where i get to. I take off. I turn to the assigned heading after i reach my alittude. Then she says "Ok now its time for the steep turn." She gives instructions in which way to turn etc. etc. Now I begin the turn and just as i finish it she says "Sorry we're going to have to fly this checkride again. Go to rod for more pratise....." I dont know how to get pass this. If anyone can help PLEASE help

Also in the beginning she says something like, "Ill say good job if your doing it right and only tell you twice if your doing something wrong" Anyways the point is she never did tell me "Good Job" at any point up to the steep turn. Did she say good job to anyone else?

Thank you for those will reply.

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Im sorry. I completely missed the post about Private Pilot Checkride. Sorry everyone.

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See if anything in this rather lengthy post helps you.
If so what and if not we'll try again.


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I had problems with this too. When you do the steep turn you have to make sure that you stay within +- 100 feet altitude. This means that lets say you are flying at 2000 feet when you do the turn you are not allowed to go under 1900 or over 2100. If you do this you will fail. Usually if you go under or above you will get a yellow message saying that you have to maintain the correct altitude.

The same thing applies for your speed. If you have to maintain 100knots. If you go less than 90 or more than 110 then you will fail.

So when you are doing the steep turn just keep doing it. If you DON'T get a yellow message you are doing fine. As soon as you get a yellow message it means you've failed. So you might as well start again.

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I'm an airline transportation pilot for United and I have all the qualifications but I still can't fass the private pilot checkride. I am going to try and get a new joystick and see If that helps any. Good luck!

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Matthew Short wrote:

I'm an airline transportation pilot for United and I have all the qualifications but I still can't fass the private pilot checkride. I am going to try and get a new joystick and see If that helps any. Good luck!

Heh! Well, well maybe it's not just noobs having probs! Come to mention it, I think it must have been you who flew me from LAX to SFO last week, I'm still getting the pasta out of my hair...


Matthew Short wrote:

I'm an airline transportation pilot for United and I have all the qualifications but I still can't fass the private pilot checkride. I am going to try and get a new joystick and see If that helps any. Good luck!

Thats hilarious. Yea, i asked for help because i just thought i really sucked at Flight Simulator. But knowing that a proffessional pilot like you can not pass it gives me a bit of hope. and thanks ill try what you said timohnani.

Rambunctious, what happened on your flight? Rough landing or what?

Thanks a lot everybody

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First, read the information about what's expected. Probably the most difficult part is the 45 degree steep turn. Practice doing the steep turn until you can hold the turn without going up or down more that a hundred feet. Be sure to level out at the 90 degree heading exactly. There is just a knack to it. Watch the ange of the horizon and monitor the compass, the VSI and the Altitude indicator while in the turn.

If you fail the turn, the checkride ends. After the turn, head toward the Tacoma Narrows airport (heading 120 Deg.) as instructed.

After flying for a few minutes, you will see a yellow bridge in the distance. The airport is in front of the bridge and to the right.

Stay at 2000 feet until turning right to enter the landing pattern. You will be directed to descend to 1300 feet and fly parallel to the runway at heading 180. t(he actual heading should be 170 since you will be landing at runway 35). Fly past the end of the runway then turn left to heading 260, look over the left wing and turn to final before the wing passes the runway. Line up with the runway, drop airspeed to 70 knots, descend and land.

Pull off the runway onto a taxiway, stop the plane. If you have suceeded, the certificate will appear, if not, nothing happens. The instructor does not tell you that you've failed.

I have completed this checkride a few times. Oddly, once I landed in the woods on one side of the runway and the certificate appeared. Go figure.

The instructor only speaks about 5 times during the checkride. The last time you hear from her is when she gives you the instructions for flying the pattern at the destination airport. She does not say "Good job" and there are no second chances.

Do not pause the checkride while it is in progress. After the 45 degree turn, the checkride is actually pretty simple but then there is the pressure of not blowing it and having to start over....


I was able to pass it after about the 7th time.

The hardest part is the steep turn.

You just have to keep trying until you get it.

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Is there any trick to completing the private pilot check ride? The last couple of times I completed it I couldn't see what I did wrong. I kept altitiude and airspeed within the +/- 10 limit and came out on a heading within 10 degrees.

What is the trick? I'm frustrated.

Also, is there a way to get feedback other than the flight record? Maybe there is somethin I am missing.

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Welcome to Flyaway. 🍻

No tricks that I know of, no other feedback either. 🙂

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Welcome to Flyaway srbrink 🍻

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Well, I finally completed the private pilot check ride!

I found that the steep turn, although you may keep to the correct altitude, heading, and speed, the rollout to 90 is crucial.

If you wait too long, your turn is too tight. Your path looks like a spiral getting tighter. If you roll out at the right time and pace, you exit the turn at the same point you entered it, your path looks like an oval, with the turn starting and stopping at the same point. That is what the trick is, at least that is what it appears to be for me.

Good luck.

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Welcome to the forums srbrink 😉


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i was able to do all the turns including the steep turn, but then i get to 1300 feet after im told and she never talks to me ever again... i pass by the airport and nothing so i turn to make my downwind leg pass and im told to stay at a heading of 110.... did this ever happened to you??

please asnwer me back im doing this for a project and if i dont get it done ill fail my senior year

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That's because it's a piece of... Microsoft. I have the same here. If I try to turn without this b*tch telling me she fails me. If I'm not doing anything I fly away towards Europe and the ride never ends. I thought she was going to kidnap me. Once after I almost flew off the map I went back over the airfield using slew mode. To my surprise she said it was time to enter the pattern... I did so, having just the perfect altitude, speed, direction (I had time to set that while I was flying to nowhere) and still she says "Sorry but I have my period, apparently MS doesn't know how to program something they must be pretty new to this but don't blame me because they are useless." Sorry, it's very bad, I hope you didn't really fail because of something that's clearly not your fault.

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